Our business is broken down into 4 stages:

Client Profile

Starting the campaign we require that you to complete in detail the Client Profile. Explaining the full range of products/services you offer, the types of contacts you require and the countries you wish to target. The more information that you can provide the better suited contacts we can provide. We request that you be as specific as possible. Our service is customised to your needs as we believe adding a personal touch brings a unique touch to our expertise.

Personalised Contacts

Using the key information that you provide, the personal research consultant assigned to your business will start to place companies that you have requested on your desk. Access to contacts on our custom built corporate database, our knowledge and experience of the market and contacting companies directly on your behalf is all included in the 1 year campaign.

Corporate Profile

We will create a Corporate Profile which is used when we are contacting companies on your behalf. It will explain to potential customers/ partners your business in detail and what you look for in regards to export.

Your main products, point of contact and market focus will be but a few things that the Corporate Profile will cover. Links to your website will help generate traffic to your website and customers/partners to contact your directly.

Qualified Contacts

Each enquiry and/or request that we get back from the market, will be processed internally before we place it on your desk. Your personal research consultant will be in close contact and is responsible for translating and forwarding enquires throughout our relationship together.